BUK-DAE-MUN SHIJANG: North Gate Market

Three camp kids grabbing snacks

At Kamp Kimchee, we do our best to maintain a store that is reflective of the Korean culture. Often referred to as the Kamp Store, its true name is reflective of the famous markets of Seoul (the capital of South Korea), which are located at or near the historical gates of the city. Kamp Kimchee’s northern geographical location helped us choose the obvious name for the Kamp’s store: North Gate Market.

Kamp Kimchee Apparel including sweatshirts and tank tops

The Buk-dae-mun Shijang operates throughout the duration of kamp as a service to our Kampers. Purchases made at the Shijang help to offset kamper fees.

Items Available in the North Gate Market

  • Books
  • Korean Snacks
  • Cooking materials
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Fashion accessories
  • Dolls
  • Home décor
  • School materials
  • Toys