Make A Difference: Become A Mentor

Who Can Be A Mentor?

Anyone, but we look for individuals who:

Jin and Gina at Kamp Kimchee
  • Are comfortable with their Korean adoption identity and are proud of how Korean heritage is part of their family.
  • Have a positive understanding of how learning about Korean culture helps instill pride in birth heritage.
  • Are open to discussing personal life-hurdles with other Kampers and answering sudden or frequent questions of curiosity, like “What was it like for you when you were my age?” or “What did you do when this-or-that happened?”
  • Are fun, energetic, and love spending time with children in a role-model position.

If you feel we have described you, we invite you to apply with our Kamp Kimchee Mentor Program. The program is an opportunity for past Kamp participants, other Korean or Asian Pacific adults (whether adopted or not), or non-adopted/non-Korean siblings to share their strengths with the new generation of younger Kampers. We believe that it’s through these mutual connections of adoption and shared heritage that provide the greatest value to others.
If you become a mentor, you will assist parent volunteers with the coordination of one class, kindergarten through high school. There will be time during each day when you will be asked to share past experiences with the class. Overall, you’ll be there to help Kampers learn about Korean heritage and take pride in their family.

How to Become a Mentor


Becoming a mentor is relatively easy, simply fill-out and return an application form.

Notification of acceptance into the Kamp Mentor program will be made in mid-June. Compensation for the week includes housing, complimentary breakfast, Korean noon meals, and a stipend. All mentors are required to attend an orientation prior to Kamp. Additional details regarding orientation and Kamp activities will be provided with your acceptance letter.

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Teaching Staff:

Our professional teaching staff is comprised of individuals of Korean descent. Our instructors, with the of many volunteers, teach our Kampers language, culture, music, and cooking. We also work with other instructors who teach Tae Kwon Do, dance, and self-esteem.


Mentor Program

For additional information about the Kamp Kimchee Mentor Program please contact Rachel Carlson.

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