Volunteer Parents Make Kamp Kimchee Happen


One of the things that truly makes Kamp Kimchee unique is that it is parent/volunteer run!  We encourage parents to get involved in making our Kamp fun for the whole family.  There are so many great ways to get involved included but not limited to:

OFFICER POSITIONS: President (2 years), President-Elect (2 years), Past President, Treasurer (2 years), Secretary (2 years)

CLASSES OFFERED  Art, Culture, Dance, Drums, Music, Offsite Activities, Peer Programming, Recreation/Recess, Self-Esteem, Taekwondo.

ART COORDINATOR: Generate ideas and plan for the week’s art projects. Ensure art supplies are available.

ART AIDES: The art aides assist the Art Coordinator with setup and daily activities and help supervise kampers in the art room.

CAFETERIA/SNACK COORDINATOR: Ensure a snack and beverage is available for every class pre-K to 7.

We Love Volunteers

We love it when the whole family gets involved in Kamp Kimchee.  However, if only one parent can help or even just part-time we understand.  We have many positions that take just a few short hours of each day.  We just want you involved! Our Kampers' friendships are important but so are the parent bonds that come out assisting with Kamp Kimchee!

CAFETERIA/SNACK AIDE(S): Assist Cafeteria Coordinator with serving snacks.

CLASSROOM COORDINATORS: Assigned to a specific classroom for the week, to assist mentors with daily activities and keep the kampers on schedule, as well as facilitate their movement from class to class. This position offers a morning shift (9a.m.-12p.m.) or an afternoon shift (12p.m. -3:00p.m.).

DINING ROOM WORKER(S): Cleans up dining room/cafeteria before and after lunch.

FRONT DESK STAFF: Attend the front desk at all times. Manage morning check-in process, available for questions, errands that may arise or various diverse assignments.

OFFSITE ACTIVITY COORDINATOR: Select and plan offsite activities for Kampers, 8th-12th grade.

OFFSITE ACTIVITY DRIVERS: Drive to and from offsite activities. Assist the Offsite Activity Coordinator with activity supervision and other functions.

KITCHEN COORDINATOR: Assist Kamp Chef with food orders, kitchen organization and coordination of kitchen staff.

KITCHEN STAFF: Assist the Kamp Chef & Kitchen Coordinator(s) with food preparation on Monday – Friday mornings, which includes preparation, cooking/grilling, and clean-up.

CUSTODIAN(S): Assists the school custodians in keeping the facility clean during the week.

MEDICAL STAFF: Assists with medical needs as they arise and hand out first aid supplies. Help with front desk duties.

MENTOR COORDINATOR: Recruit and train mentors, manage mentor applications and selection process, serve as liaison between mentors and Kamper families.

NEW FAMILY COORDINATOR: Reach out to new families prior to Kamp week to welcome them with information and answers to any questions they may have. Be the “go to” person for new families during Kamp week.

NURSERY WORKERS: Supervise babies and toddlers in our nursery while parents are working at Kamp.

PARENT PROGRAMMING COORDINATOR: Plan, prepare and lead parent programming educational sessions. Secure a panel of presenters for these sessions.

PARENT PROGRAMMING ASSISTANT: Work along with the current Parent Programming Coordinator (see above) and prepare to assume the coordinator’s position upon vacancy.

PLAYGROUND/RECREATION STAFF: Supervise kampers in activities during scheduled and open recreation periods. Plan some activities for kampers during those periods.

PEER PROGRAMMING COORDINATOR(S): Generate ideas and secure supplies for the Peer Programming Class.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Take professional quality photos and videos of various Kamp activities from Sunday afternoon setup to Friday afternoon takedown.

REGISTRAR (2 years): Manage Kamp registration process. Work closely with the Treasurer to ensure Kamp fees are paid accurately and all registration is completed timely and error-free.

STORE COORDINATOR: Order store supplies prior to Kamp, making sure a sufficient quantity of desirable items is available for sale during Kamp week.

STORE SNACK COORDINATOR: Order store snacks and perishable items prior to Kamp, making sure a sufficient quantity of desirable items is available for sale during Kamp week.

STORE WORKERS: Assists with set-up, running and take-down of Kamp store.

T-SHIRT COORDINATOR: Manage the Kamp T-shirt ordering process from selecting a design to recruiting, placing, and distribution of orders.


mentors grilling at kamp kimchee

2024 Staff Roles:

Kamp Operations:  Angela Herzog, Katie Dachtler, and Sunny Kase

Contracted Classroom Staff - Angela Herzog

TKD - Brandon Stien and Noah Fuller

Dance - Brooke Newmaster

Peer Pals - Wynter Hopson

Store - Amy Fossum and Amy Leman

Nametags - Serena Christensen

Class Schedule - Serena Christensen

Parent Programs - Amanda Langemo

Shirts - Deb Gold

Site and Hotel contracts/reservations - Angela Herzog

Art - Joshua Otterstad and Gretchen Funk

Drums - Laura Sharp and David Miller

Kitchen - Dan Schnobrich and Tanner Weyer

Mentors - Rachel Carlson and Andrew Otterstad

Off-site Activities: Lisa Kroskin

Volunteer Positions: Katie Dachtler

Recreation - Molly Jaeger, Kate Klimlek and Ian Fuller

Youth culture - Serena Christensen and Bomi Newman

Store Snacks - Vanessa Drontle

Self-Esteem - Sunny Kase

New Family Communications - Margaret Harstad

Registration: Melany Wynn, Amy Haggenmiller and Nicole Strydom